‌‌Hello 👋, I'm a french computer student in master degree known as Faceslog. I have always been passionate about technology and the endless possibilities it offers.

I have a strong interest in reverse engineering, malware analysis, and cybersecurity. I love the challenge of deconstructing and understanding how systems work with the goal to find new ways to protect them from malicious attacks. I am constantly striving to learn more and stay up to date on the latest developments in these fields.

I have also become increasingly aware of the importance of privacy in the digital age. That's why I try to self-host as many apps as possible. It allows me to have a much better control over my data and ensures that it is not being collected or sold to third parties without my consent. It may take more effort and technical know-how, but the peace of mind and security it provides is worth it.

I decided to create this website to share my experience in these areas.‌

I am well aware that there is always more to learn and that I have much room for improvement. I am constantly seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow as a developer, and I am always open to suggestions and guidance from others. If anyone has any suggestions or resources that they think would be helpful for me or my projects, I am all ears !

Outside of programming and studying I love photography and urban exploration of lost places which help me disconnect from our digital world and get an even better creative mindset.

I'm happy to help those who are just starting and are looking for support.

Feel free to contact me.

The main blog cover is from: Milad Fakurian on Unsplash  


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